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Member Spotlight


Debbie Sherman

CFC has meant a lot to me since retirement. I have been 2 years now & plan to continue every year God willing. The gathering of Christians doing good for His glory lifts me up & brings me closer to Him. Getting to know others better this year & meeting new folks & their stories, sharing my stories, praising God for the opportunity, & serving in a way that we know God has a plan for our efforts whether we see them or not is comforting to me. I know God is in this ministry. I came home this year filled with renewal, ready to do more. It's hard work but your heart wants more for Him. I pray for the lost souls that they find comfort in this church, the gatherings in His name & praises of salvation lead them to Him. I pray for the volunteers working this week safety & blessings of the heart. And Lord, every person that passes by the construction site this week & weeks to come, stop & look & wander at the love! 

That is how we grow our group. One at a time.










Constructors For Christ

From Children to Senior Adults, Constructors for Christ is a gifted group of Volunteers. A loving group of men, women, teenagers and children who come from all walks of life and different areas of the United States. The group was organized in 1976 by a man who had a vision and a love for helping church planters start churches in the United States. Al Davis's vision has made an impact on many.

We invite you to join the group as we use our God given talents on an extraordinary mission adventure.




Since our beginning in 1976 we have built one church home per year. We have traveled mostly in the Eastern United States.


Mcrae'S Chapel Outdoorsman

Baptist Church

Big Sandy, TN 


Constructors for Christ started as a Vision by Al Davis of Fort Oglethorpe, GA in 1976 and has grown to more than 400 members. Mr. Davis is still an active member and serves as Director of Missions